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Alfa AWUS036H Usb Wifi  + Mount + Clip

Alfa AWUS036H Usb Wifi + Mount + Clip

Item details
SKU: AWUS036H + Mount + Clip
Weight: 500 grams
Stock: Stock available

Brand: Alfa Network
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1 Year warranty with 1 exchange 1! No waiting for factory claim!

Why take the risk of getting fake Alfa Network product just for the few Ringgit   different?
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Say no to fake Alfa Product because it contain Harmful Radiation, Don't be cook by Fake Alfa Seller claiming they are selling original product. 

Any Victim who purchase fake Alfa Product please reveal the seller identity in my Question & Answer below and I will reward with a high trade in for Original Alfa

Alfa  USB Wireless-G Adapter AWUS036H LONG RANGE  + Mount + Clip + Suction Cap at only RM 115!


NEW Alfa anti counterfeit hologram- buy GENUINE Alfa


Original Alfa from Alfa Network Distributor!
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Below Problem can be solved by Alfa AWUS036H:


Special Service for Selangor & KL:

Cash On Collect on this following area:

  • For Cheras Please call Johnny at 0122073683 GPS coordinat:   3° 3'1.85"N 101°44'4.80"E


  • For Bandar Sunway please call Abdullah at 0173638021,GPS coordinat:   3° 4'45.02"N 101°37'11.01"E


  • For Endah Parade, Sri Petaling please call Alan at 0169981231


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question: How to know this is Genuine product from ALFA NETWORK? 


Answer: Very simple, other than hologram sticker ( which can also be clone) Every Alfa Adaptor have a Serial Number patch with the MAC ID, Just e-mail both SN & MAC ID to customer support and you will know if you are getting a genuine product or not. 


Who need this?


  • A must have for every laptop user because this is 10 times more poweful than your laptop built in wifi and it give your laptop a better wifi reception and respone for faster internet ascess 
  • If you fed up of having wifi access but it state limited access or no internet connection with your CAP AYAM, it is time to this this High End Alfa 1000mW AWUS036H 
  • If you have a big office space or 3 storey building sharing 1 wireless router, You definitely need this  powerfulALFA AWUS036H 1W 1000mW USB Wireless-G Adapter Wi-Fi for your desktop pc or notebook that far away and block by wall from your wireless router. It give you a good, fast and stable connection. 

  • If your are sharing  a single wireless router with your neighbour or relatives or brothers and sister,  but their house is few house away from your house, this is the best choice with ALFA AWUS036H 1W 1000mW USB Wireless-G Adapter Wi-Fi long range signal and the antenna is can be upgrade to 20 dBI from its original 5 dBI antenna which is powerful enough. Why waste $$$$ to register another internet connection while your brothers or sisters is willing to share their wireless router connection with you? 

  • Some new laptops from manufacturers like Dell and HP no longer include a PCMCIA card slot. Up until now if you bought or planned to buy one of these laptops, there would be no way for you to get a wireless connection option with an external antenna connector. This has all changed with this kit we are offering. This will work on any PC with a USB port (laptop or desktop) and is especially ideal for folks whose laptops do not have a PCMCIA slot who need a long range wireless solution! We believe that in the coming years PCMCIA cards will be a thing of the past. So even if your laptop has a slot, why not buy this kit- USB is the wave of the future and then you will be able to use this kit on any laptop you might purchase down the road. 

     Support IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g standard


      • USB 2.0 and 1.1 compliant

    Specifications : please refer


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